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Science and data science in Munich

I am an astrophysicist living in Munich. If you like my figures, notebooks, or you have questions, please contact me at Linkedin for any professional contact. Look at my Data Science page to know more on how I use Data Science techniques in Astrophysics.

New 22/5/2018 I started to explore the Pandas and Astropy table packages for large table manipulations. An initial account can be found here .

6/4/2018 I produced more exoplanet plots accounting for the change in density if the pressure is not present (the so-called uncompressed density). Parallel and mosaic plots are used now to visualized contingency tables in the Star-Formation notebook. The Facebook time-series package prophet makes short-term weather forecast very easy. I tried to make predictions at the top of the Mauna Kea volcano.

22/3/2018 IDL routines to perform global optimization with the particle swarm method are available.

21/3/2018 An variant of the Neural Gas algorithm has been implemented in the Learning Vector Quantization Python routines.

20/3/2018 I explore different machine learning regressors to help determine the redshift of galaxies based on their photometric data. I also perform simple clustering analysis of the COMBO 17 survey data set.

19/3/2018 I make public Python machine learning routines that can account for errors in the predictors and the target and I explored exoplanet datasets to search for planet habitability. They can be found at my Data Science page. New figures based on the exoplanet catalogues have been uploaded as well.